Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Submission

I've been working on my novel now for roughly six years. As it gets closer to completion, I've begun pondering the daunting task of getting it published. I've been rather smug in the past, attending Ye Olde Writer's Group, secure that my ego has yet to take any knocks from a Rejection Letter. Because I've never actually submitted anything.

But those halcyon days have come to an end.

About six months ago, I began working on short stories with the aim of getting them published. Or, at the very least, thickening my skin in regards to rejection. And yesterday, I sent out my first submission, to Strange Horizons. So anytime withing the next 7 weeks, I should now if I'll be (before taxes)roughly 300 dollars richer or still one of the unpublished millions. Probablythe latter. But this is how it gets done, I'm told, and we shall see.

I'll be sure to quote any pithy rejection zingers here.

The Problem With Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

Beside the fact that just about everyone has to die first, is that it all looks pretty much the same. Everything is "Diesel and Dust" as Midnight Oil might have said and Mad Max just never did it for me, even before he came out of the closet as a hater of the Joooooos.

Mad Max pretty much set the tone. How many other unique visions of the post apocalypse are out there? Theodore Judson's books, though both are cut from the same classical historian cloth, are nicely done.

Are there any others out there that break the Road Warrior mold?