Saturday, August 2, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is a lot of things. It's funny and action packed. It's even heartwarming. It's strikingly beautiful and even awe inspiring. I loved it.

Talking with my friends as we walked out of the theater, it occurred to me that this movie is everything that The Fifth Element aspired to be but wasn't: fun, gonzo, epic but mostly, coherent

I remember how hopeful I was back in the day. Standing in line with my then girlfriend (a dumb ass) and her little brothers, I kept thinking that here comes the sci fi movie I've been waiting for: the next Star Wars. Oh, how my hopes and dreams were dashed by that atrocity of a movie. It was certainly a beautiful movie and visually striking. But that was it. It was empty and hollow. There was action but no passion. But mostly, it just devolved into an incoherent mess of a narrative. Maybe it made more sense on repeated viewings. I wouldn't know. I never watched it again.

I'm not saying that Guardians of the Galaxy is the next Star Wars. But if it had been made by Luc Besson, rather than a former Troma director, I would consider it one hell of an apology. 

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