Sunday, March 30, 2014

Creative Writing Playlists

I'm sure I am not the only person who listens to music when writing my stories or working on my Fictional Milieu. I have two basic playlists that I listen to when writing or mapping. 

The first is entirely Orchestral Scores/Symphony type stuff. I use it primarily when writing action or battles. As one can imagine, given my last post, John Williams figures big on this list. But so does John Powell. I love his work. He is the natural successor to Lord Williams in my humble opinion.

The Lone Wolves Playlist #1:

Our Last Hope- Two Steps From Hell*
El Dorado- Two Steps From Hell
All is Hell that Ends Well- Two Steps From Hell
Lacrimosa Dominae- Trailerhead*
The Slave Children's Crusade (from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)- John Williams
Coming Back Around (from How to Train Your Dragon)- John Powell
Goa (from The Bourne Supremacy)- John Powell
Raider's March (from Raiders of the Lost Arc)- John Williams
The Asteroid Field (from The Empire Strikes Back)- John Williams
Willow (from Willow)- James Horner
Battle in the Mutara Nebula (from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)- James Horner
Imagine the Fire (from The Dark Knight Rises)- Hans Zimmer

Playlist número dos is a completely different animal. It's kind of a little bit over everything. I mean, it's really all over the damn place. As much as I love the first playlist, well, sometimes you just need to take a break.

The Lone Wolves Playlist #2:

Making Love Out of Nothing At All- Air Supply
The Heat of the Moment- Asia
Dr. Feelgood- Motley Crüe
Just Like Paradise- David Lee Roth
Love Will Turn You Around- Kenny Rogers
Islands in the Stream- Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
Bawitaba- Kid Rock
Sing- My Chemical Romance
Careless Whisper- George Michael
Blaze of Glory- Bon Jovi
I Don't Care- Fallout Boy
The Heat is On- Glenn Frey
Right Round- Flo Rida
Country Girl (Shake it for me)- Luke Bryan
Glory of Love- Peter Cetera
Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood
I'd Really Love to See You Tonight- England Dan & John Ford Coley
Hysteria- Muse
Sleeping With a Friend- Neon Trees
Witch Hunt- MDMFK
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)- Big & Rich
After the Rain- Nelson
Emotion- Samantha Sang
Lay All Your Love On Me- ABBA
Ready to Take a Chance Again- Barry Manilow
Living After Midnight- Judas Priest
Burning Love- Elvis Presley
The Humpty Dance- Digital Underground
Girlfriend- Matthew Sweet

I usually set Playlist #1 on Repeat for a few hours while only taking one turn around #2 every time I listen.

*Two Steps From Hell & Trailerhead are two groups that produce music for Hollywood to use in movie trailers and have began to get followings for their stuff amongst some pretty loyal fans. You may not recognize their names but if you watch movie trailers or commercials, it's almost certain you've heard them.

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