Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pandemonia: The Filthsea

Far below the city of Darkstar, below even the labrynthine sewers of the known world's largest city is the Filthsea.

The Filthsea fills the bottom of a cavern so wide you can't see the far side from the shore near the falls that pour into the water from the sewers above it. The Filthsea was once crystal clear, pure and filled with subterranean marine life; collossal jelly fish glowing blue and purple, blind albino cave whales, and other more alien creatures. 

And then the sewers above eroded a hole through the ceiling of the Filthsea's cavern. The waterfall of sewage that cascades into the Filthsea dwarfs even the Drammenstorm Falls of the Redwood Reach. All manner of garbage and waste falls into the Filthsea and it has long since been a nauseous green and brown water of mutated marine giants and other more terrifying entities.

The Sewer Infantry rarely goes there as the Salmoraxii have made the shores of the Filthsea into one of their bigger settlements and footholds on this side of the Gate from their home world. One day, the more forward thinking, competent commanders of the Sewer Infantry hope to mount an offensive and take the fight straight to the Salmoraxii. 

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